Our services are as diverse as our clients. From well-established international brands, to local start-ups and entrepreneurs, we provide tailored services to meet our clients’ needs. Our success is built upon our highly adaptive and consultative approach, which allows our clients to focus on building their brands and expanding their business.

New Product Development
Our technical team helps you customise product formulation and specifications. We lead formulation trends by conducting regular product trials with accelerated stability testing.
Analytical Services
Our TGA-accredited laboratory is equipped to perform a range of chemical and physical analysis on raw ingredients as well as the final product. This includes method development, stability tests and method validation.
We provide an extensive range of solutions to meet your needs — from tablets, capsules, powers and granules, to oral sprays, liquids, creams and ointments. We conduct in-house testing at various stages of the manufacturing process.
We provide both automated and custom solutions for a range of primary and secondary packing options such as bottle/jar packaging, blister packs, sachet sticks, cartoning and zip pouch packaging. We also provide wrapping, complex kit assembly and promotional and demo kits.
We provide TGA listing advice and support you through the regulatory process. This includes ARTG listing, label review, pharmacovigilance review, support with domestic and international registration, and more.
Supply Chain Management
Together with a global network of leading suppliers, we ensure all raw materials are responsibly sourced, and quality is sustained throughout the supply chain. We also offer support for 3PL solutions for domestic use as well as advice on international export documentation.
Capability Pack
Our capability pack will provide you with detailed information on our facilities and services, as well as a full list of our credentials and certifications.